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So yesterday, we had our Mathematics Departmental exams and it was really hard. It made me ask myself why I took up engineering for a course T.T Seriously, it made me want to jump off the fourth floor of the main building. It was that hard!

Anyways, it is Sunday today and supposed to be my rest day but unfortunately, I needed to pay my bills so I went out and paid for them.

A selfie because I can and a from where I stand shot too.

Random shot while I was inside SM City Cebu.

I also went to visit the Urban Coalition: Unity in Diversity Bike Exhibit and found Eugene’s bike. I’m not really into bikes since I don’t know how to ride one. Yep, my childhood wasn’t that awesome :(

And for the finale, went to eat. I’m supposed to be eating J.C.O. donuts but the line was so long so I had to look for another option. Luckily, I satisfied my cravings by eating halo-halo, clubhouse and burger!

Now I’m off to getting my Chemistry assignment done. When will I have a sweet vacay? Huhu.

Went out to Pizza Republic for dinner just a while ago and it felt like I don’t have pre-final examinations for tomorrow. I’m living the life. LMAO. Date nights are the best especially with pizza! As you can see, the photos above can create a beautiful photo essay already so I won’t explain much. And also, I still need to cram for English exams so, gotta go!

So Z4 had their first examinations for pre-finals and guess what, we all wore our uniforms although it’s a wash day and tomorrow is supposed to be the official start of our pre-final examinations. But due to our awesome schedule, we took three exams with one major. 

These are random photos taken because I love taking pictures of the sky okay, and part of because there is no place in our university that’s good in aesthetic design. I’m sorry beloved school but I need to be honest. Huhu.

On the right at the top photo is the face of a kid who tries to study for her PE examinations. And on the left side, is a photo of a person trying to understand General Chemistry. Tough day, very tough one.

I don’t even know why I’m posting the photos of these two but it’s hilarious. Since Apple released their news about the new iPhone 6, our vice-president here presents his awesome Samsung phone because he says that he’s an endorser of the phone. On the other side, that’s again, the guy whom I was with on the previous photo on the previous post. He’s obviously taking a selfie.

Me in my most photogenic shots. LMAO. Those are just random shots of me while walking and roaming around the university before our Chemistry exams. And by far, this place in the campus is my favorite because I could still see trees and plants on the side. Ehehe.

Tomorrow’s the official start of our pre-final examinations and guess what? We only have one exam scheduled tomorrow. How amazing, isn’t it? Sarcasm activated. Hays. 

No classes today because it’s a national holiday yet I’m up the whole day busy studying and doing a version 2.0 of my Filipino assignment. Today was a tough day and I’d rather say that I want to go back to high school because high school was full of fun and stress but they go together to me so it’s fine.


Ehehe, that’s my study table/engineering table full with Chemistry books. And on the other side, motivations. Actually, those are certificates I got for the past two months in college. I still have another one coming though. I don’t know when will I have it.


Part of the study day thing is to seriously study for pre-final examinations but look what I’ve done? I kind of celebrated Leo Tolstoy birthday by reading my favorite part in his book, Anna Karenina. It didn’t last for 2 hours though but still, it did consumed my time for studying. And on the other side, I upgraded my old laptop’s OS to Windows 8 out of the blue. Now I regret installing it because I’ve encountered lots of bugs -.-


Studying means eating the whole day. So I was eating mum’s homemade puto while doing my thing like digging up my old notes back in high school because you know why. Hays, let me just pray for my soul tomorrow. I hope I pass pre-final and finals for Chem111.


Last but not the least, I think these things should go together. Alcohol are like nuts to engineers; they go together forever. I swear, I’m really up for drinking right now but no, I’m not going to drink tonight. I need my brain tomorrow for my three pre-final examinations tomorrow. 

I HOPE I’LL SURVIVE FIRST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE. Why did I take up engineering again?! :(

Just because Chester asked me to look for that one beat from a mixed song of DJ Ravine, I kind of took all of the songs and made it into a playlist (although it was already listed), and shared it. I’m sharing it here too since all of my playlists are also posted here. I hope you’ll enjoy!

A great way to start with the hell week is to have an emotional pictorial because midterm grades were already released and you know what happened next. I won’t mention it again because…yeah, whatever. 

That’s basically me up there, having a random Instagram-worthy photo during Engineering Drawing classes and on the other side, that’s basically my blockmate and I having some good time while waiting for our Trigonometry instructor to come.

Didn’t I mention about the rain? Oh, it rained the whole afternoon with thunderstorms. The weather’s cold but gosh, the traffic. 

From the thing that kept me up all night to the thing that kept on pulling me to sleep. Oh well, let’s just accept the fact that I’m still starting and there are still so many sleepless nights I’ll encounter. 

I, on the other hand, tries my best to study General Chemistry although I know that my capacity to learn Chem is pretty much higher than my grade right now. I’m just not used to this kind of stuff. It’s hard to adjust. I love to cram before but now, I can’t do that now. I guess I need to adopt fast or I would end up graduating my five-year course in 6 years or more than- or worst, shifting into another course (which is pretty awesome for me since I’ll get to shift to Cinematics but no Mitch, shifting is not an option). 

Consistency and motivation. I badly need them now. And this is so sad giving the fact that I’m not really motivated right now. I hope I won’t regret anything now.  Ardua non timeo.

A week before pre-final examinations means that I’m religiously studying for another major exams but instead of doing that, I procrastinate. I know my grades for midterm is not that good but what can I say? My head’s not on the mood given the conditions I’ve posted back then. I won’t mention it again. It hurts my head to think about it again.

The above photo would signify how much I eat a lot and how I try to save my money because I’m a big spender but no, that’s not what it is about. For two straight days, I have been walking from my school to Abellana because I’m saving up my money. So instead of riding two jeepney going home, I’ll just be riding one jeepney going home. That’s already a big thing for me especially that I’m really saving for the upcoming Univercity2014. Yeah, I get it. I really spend money a lot that’s why I’m saving a lot too. 

Assignments. Speaking of assignments, I’m glad I had my very first creative output for college. You don’t know how much I missed having creative outputs although it hassles me but whatever. And those bunch earphones over there? I got them fixed- I mean, I fixed them myself because my Apple earpods got lost due to my clumsiness *insert sarcastic smile here* One Apple earpods cannot be replaced with three Philipps earphones which is so sad :c

Just look at the sky though. They change just like people do. And uh, yesterday, I had my interview for TLA (Technologian Leader’s Academy) and it was fun though I expected they’ll throw terror questions but they didn’t so luckily, I get to answer all of the questions they threw at me. Hopefully, I’ll pass!

Here comes today. I ate Cloud 9 for the rest of the day because I felt like eating chocolates today. How hard could it get doing all of your assignments in one day, doing your laundry, and cleaning your room? I felt being mature today because I don’t usually do those stuffs. Not mentioning washing the dishes because chores.

Anyways, hell week starts tomorrow (I’m exaggerating this because pre-final examinations starts on Wednesday). I still have lots of things to do on queue. I hope I’ll get these done before it’s due. 

Feeling the college vibes. Yes! We’re going to have our pre-final examinations next week. One more month to go for the first semester! And oh, I still need to finish two assignments yet I’m here, kind of blogging.

Selfeet kind of day because I ran out of ideas on what else to capture. Also, heavy rains occurred again and we had another pool party inside the uni. Anyway, I’m really looking forward on being active here again since I feel so outdated with my previous life.

Last Saturday, August 30 2014, I had my first team building ever in my college life. I’m so thankful that I’m part of the student council of the IEcEP Cebu Chapter which was kind of a big achievement in my part.

The team building was held at Don Bosco Technology Center and though I had Saturday classes on that day, I still chose the team building because one, it’s not everyday that I get to be invited in a team building and two, I was really looking forward on meeting new people and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

IEcEP CIT-U Chapter! In case you are wondering why we are holding a manila paper with childish drawings…So, we had this activity where in we would illustrate what IEcEP is to our school. Since I’m pretty much fresh with the this organization, so basically, I was just there to give out my ideas based on the stuffs that I’ve observed. I hope I’ll also contribute in improving IEcEP in our campus though. I hope.


And so, with the meeting new people part. I met a lot, actually. They’re about 50 new people I’ve met and been acquainted. One of them was Micah (the one wearing eyeglasses). He was my partner during one of the activities we had. The second one though, the chinito guy wearing a red shirt, he was the heartthrob during the team building and so, I had the urge to take a photo with him. 

And to end this post, I swear, I haven’t regret anything. I had fun and totally, I learned a lot from this team building. Til next time, folks. I’ll see you again!